What Happened to Spring Bay Inn?

The Inn building itself is still standing, 150 feet uphill from the waterfront Cabin. The innkeepers, Carl and Sandy, are fine too! The 2008 summer season marked 16 years of Spring Bay's bed and breakfast format. If the following Q&A items prompt additional questions, please email them: cabin@springbayonorcas.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. So, the Inn still exists?
    The building, yes, the building is still in place.
  2. What is the building being used for?
    We (Carl and Sandy) moved into it at the end of the 2008 season. We live there now, with the 'trievers.
  3. Can I still reserve any rooms at all at the Inn?
    Spring Bay is no longer renting rooms at the Inn. You can reserve the waterfront Cabin at Spring Bay, featured at this web site.
  4. If the Cabin is now available, is it the same Cabin we remember, down by the kayaks and hot tub?
    The Cabin has been redecorated and remodeled, including an expanded bayside deck/porch.
  5. Can we visit Spring Bay if we are not staying at the Cabin?
    No, although we are still leading guided kayak tours from our beach, and hosting elopements on the grounds. Both activities are by reservation only. You may also make an appointment to tour the Cabin. Thanks for allowing us and our Cabin guests their privacy by not "dropping in".
  6. Why did Spring Bay change its format?
    It is time for us to emphasize land stewardship over innkeeping. Renting out the Cabin allows the continued sharing of our special hideaway, while affording the additional time necessary to preserve this unique parcel, adjacent to Obstruction Pass State Park.
  7. When will Spring Bay close completely?
    We have no plans to close Spring Bay, and are working to make at least part of the land here available to various public and private conservation agencies.