What are your rates?

The Cabin on Spring Bay is $250. per night, $1600. per week, and $6200. per month, plus WA state sales tax (8.1%) and San Juan County lodging tax (2%). For the rates of our kayak tours, click Kayaking. For the rates of our wedding services, click Weddings.

Do you have a minimum stay?

Yes. We welcome guests to the Cabin on Spring Bay for three nights. If you are limited to 2 nights on Orcas Island, you can use your 3rd night as an early check in/late check out privilege!

How many people are allowed to stay at the Cabin?

Three, including children.

What happened to the Inn?

A favorite for visitors to Orcas Island, Spring Bay Inn welcomed guests as a bed and breakfast since 1993. The building itself is still well and standing, 150 feet uphill from the waterfront Cabin, but we no longer rent rooms at the Inn. When you reserve the waterfront Cabin on Spring Bay, you are the only guests on the property.

Do you allow pets at the Cabin?

We love animals, but no, we do not allow pets to stay at the cabin. The Cabin on Spring Bay is also non-smoking.

Are there restaurants and bars nearby?

The hub of Orcas Island is the town of Eastsound, located at the center arc of our horseshoe-shaped island. We are secluded on the east end, and town is a scenic 10-mile drive from Spring Bay. Eastsound has many eateries, several bars, and two grocery stores. Closer to the cabin, guests can have breakfast or lunch at Olga Artworks and cafe and Buck Bay Shellfish Farm (both 2.5 miles) during the summer season, and Doe Bay Resort (4.5 miles) has a small general store as well as a year-round restaurant and bar specializing in locally foraged and grown pescetarian fare and artisan cocktails. As businesses stay open according to seasonal demand, we suggest calling ahead before you head out to eat. Check out the Chamber of Commerce for details about restaurants and services on Orcas.

Can we visit Spring Bay if we are not staying at the Cabin?

We’re sorry, no. Thanks for allowing our Cabin guests their privacy. We launch guided kayak tours from our beach and host elopements on the grounds. Both activities are by reservation only. If you would like to tour the cabin to determine if it is the right choice for a future stay, we’re happy to make an appointment with you.

What is your goal for the Spring Bay property?

Our intent is to keep Spring Bay as a natural resource. We purchased it originally to keep these acres in preservation, and we continue to strive to be good stewards of them. We brought with us our passion and knowledge as naturalists and retired Park Rangers. Renting the Cabin allows the continued sharing of our special hideaway in a way that remains low-impact on the land.

Why is the Cabin on Spring Bay the perfect place to elope?

We offer an alternative to a time-consuming and stressful formal affair. Because our setting is so naturally gorgeous, there is no need to dress it up to make your ceremony beautiful. We can provide no-fuss flowers and a bottle for toasting. Just come as you are. You have each other. What else do you need? Your hosts are a wedding officiant and a versatile guitar player. We offer small ceremonies inside or in front of the cabin. Your bride can walk a grassy “aisle” path to meet you at the beach. (Tie the knot in your bare feet if you wish!) We are happy to provide legal, personal, unencumbered, and meaningful ceremonies for ALL couples. Kayakers? You can get married on the water in side-by-side kayaks. Your ceremony, witnesses, musical accompaniment, and a honeymoon cabin stay can easily be combined and arranged with one phone call.

I don’t know how to kayak. Is a kayak tour for me?

Sure! Beginners and youngsters are welcome. Participants should be able to lower themselves into an 18″-wide cockpit and have the size, coordination, and strength to reach forward and free their spray skirt from the kayak.

What does one wear kayaking?

What to wear is largely determined by the day’s weather. Spray skirts and floatation vests will provide extra warmth although the water temperature rarely exceeds 52 degrees. Cotton garments do not insulate well when damp. Thermal wear designed with nylon, polypropylene, or polar fleece is ideal. Long sleeves that can be rolled or pushed up are best. As we step in and out of our kayaks, we stand ankle deep in water. Sport sandals or booties are great. Neoprene booties are available for you to borrow. If it’s a sunny day, sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats are strongly recommended to minimize the glare off the water. If it’s a cold day, you might bring glove liners. For an additional outer layer, our neoprene mitts will fit over them to help keep hands comfortable. Reaching for cameras and binoculars may be a challenge for paddlers who must keep their balance and control their paddle as well. Sometimes it’s best to leave such extra gear ashore the first time out.

How far is it to where you launch a kayak tour?

We offer on-site kayak tours launching directly from our beach into our private bay. Unlike some other tours available, there is no transportation around the island necessary in order to paddle with us.

I’m an experienced kayaker. Can I launch from your beach?

If you are staying at the Cabin, double kayaks can be rented from Spring Bay. Active tides and currents require that newcomers to the San Juans and novice kayakers join us for a guided tour on your first time out.

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