“Here, on Orcas Island, where the water and mountains embrace each other, you two wonderful people will marry.”

Spring Bay is an ideal location to elope. The breathtaking setting and secluded natural surrounds of tree to sea need no dressing up to be special. Our unencumbered, small ceremonies keep the focus of the occasion on your commitment to each other.

Your officiant, Sandy Playa, has celebrated new marriages on Orcas Island since 1992. Sandy’s specialty is weaving together tradition and individual beliefs into heartwarming, meaningful wedding ceremonies for ALL couples.

Your ceremony can be as simple or as elaborate as you’d like. Choose the secluded and natural Spring Bay waterfront location with a small ceremony of four or fewer guests, or find another location of your choice on Orcas Island and Sandy will join you there.

Courtesy: Steve Horn Photography
Courtesy: Steve Horn Photography

Your ceremony should reflect the two of you. We delight in creating a ceremony that fits your personalities and beliefs.

All ceremonies include a one-hour consultation, legal wedding ceremony, and filing of marriage documents. Bring your camera and we will take some wedding snapshots for you.

Would you like to be married while floating on the Pacific Ocean? By special arrangement, you and your love can “I do” from side-by-side kayaks.

Carl Sweet and Simple

Musical accompaniment can be easily added to your ceremony. Carl Burger began playing acoustic 6- and 12-string guitar over 40 years ago, and developed a special flair for instrumental folk-style fingerpicking. His musical touch and deep-water voice is ideally suited for helping to create a friendly, festive atmosphere. Carl is a quick study for special requests.

Wedding Ceremony Packages

  • Sweet and Simple: A basic ceremony. All you need is each other, a marriage license and two witnesses – if you want to truly elope – we can provide your witnesses! $175 at the Orcas Island location of your choice.
  • Traditional Sweet and Simple: Your ceremony accompanied by our resident musician on acoustic guitar to add a little extra sweetness to the ambiance. Fresh flowers are provided for the bride and groom. All you need is each other, a marriage license and two witnesses. $345 at the Orcas Island location of your choice.
  • On the Water: For couples who kayak, take a tour with your wedding officiant and tie the knot while floating on scenic waters. You provide your own witnesses for this ceremony, and we provide kayaks, wetsuit booties, and all necessary paddle equipment for comfort and safety. $315. Additional kayakers $35 per person.
  • Honeymoon Sweets: Combine one of the above ceremonies with a night at our charming, waterfront cabin. $200

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Individual fees

  • Rehearsal, officiant: $90
  • Rehearsal, musician: $75
  • Extra consultation hour: $35
  • Witness: (You will need two to sign the wedding docs. Hand them your camera for a few wedding snapshots during the ceremony!) $45 at the Orcas Island location of your choice.
  • Musical accompaniment: Choose from Carl’s list, or make a special request! $95 at Spring Bay, $125 at the Orcas Island location of your choice.
  • Additional cabin nights: $250 per night

As retired park rangers, Sandy and Carl now spend their days helping people experience this place of natural wonder by kayak, stewarding the Spring Bay land, and hiking with their Labrador, Stretch.

Cover photo credit: Robert S. Harrison

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